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ME3362 An Eco-friendly Greener Smarter Home

Eco-friendly Greener Smarter Home

This Midstream green smart luxury home is an alternative to traditional Midstream houses for sale.

Green home
We develop speculative luxury green homes.

Smart home
To easily monitor each aspect of the green home, smart technologies are implemented.
By installing a smart device app, or navigating to the monitoring website of the smart home, each green feature is easily monitored and where applicable adjustable.

These metrics can be monitored:

  • Rainwater tank level.
  • Rainwater usage.
  • Electricity usage.
  • Hot water temperature.
  • Zone temperatures.
  • Each metric shows the current value as well as historic values.
  • With this information, adjusting home temperature of individual zones is easily made to efficiently use available electricity and contain monthly spend.

Green living in a smart home is luxury living at a continuously reduced monthly cost and a healthy ROI when selling the green smart home on.

Green smart home features

  1. Rainwater harvesting reduces utility water usage by up to 60% thereby saving water utility costs. Harvested rainwater is used for garden irrigation, flushing the toilets and the washing machine.
  2. Establishing an indigenous garden, installing a rainwater sensor, and being able to measure rainwater usage, the irrigation cycles can be adjusted to closely align the rainfall with the water required by the garden, thereby using the harvested rainwater most efficiently, maximising saving while having a lovely garden.
  3. Insulation of the home reduces the energy required to maintain the home’s temperature all year round thereby reducing electrical utility costs.
  4. Bamboo is an easily and quickly renewable resource. Using bamboo for counter tops and staircase treads create a warm atmosphere, while at the same time conserving the environment.
  5. Stainless Steel requires almost no maintenance. It is easily cleaned by wiping with a dishwashing liquid soapy cloth.
  6. The home comes with an optional feature which removes its dependency on the electricity grid. However, as a failover mechanism, the home isn’t physically taken off the grid, and instead the home’s photovoltaic off-the-grid system is tied into the utility electrical grid. Because the home is thoroughly insulated, less electricity is required to run the home, thereby reducing the monthly electrical costs dramatically. In addition, reduces the size and cost of the initial installation of the off-the-grid electrical system. Furthermore, extra self-generated electricity is sold back to the grid electricity utility provider.
  7. Fully temperature controlled home. The temperature throughout the year can be adjusted and monitored to use the electricity efficiently. By adjusting the temperature one degree more or less depending on the required temperature can result in further savings. By monitoring the electricity being used via the electricity metric as mentioned above, enables efficient usage. Thereby balancing the required temperature, with available self-generated electricity, and keeping grid-usage to the optimum.
  8. Hot-water immediately on tap. Imagine when opening the hot water tap, anywhere in the home, and it’s warm within 2 to 3 seconds, and hot in another 2 to 3 seconds, how much water is saved. And the luxury of walking into the shower immediately after opening the tap. Or when washing your hands and the water is hot that quickly.
  9. The stove is a combo of electricity and gas, thereby reducing the reliance on electricity. It might be overcast for an extended period. Or the utility electricity provider might fail. You are thereby still able to cook or make tea or coffee.
  10. The braai in the indoor closed terrace is a combo gas and wood braai. As a convenience, the gas braai is available at the turn of a knob when time is limited. Furthermore, making use of the gas braai enables another option, that of grilling over an open fire, and without the need to make a wood fire. Keeping in mind gas is an easily renewable resource.


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We develop speculative green homes
Efficient usage of natural resources
Luxury green homes at minimum running costs

Smart homes are next generation homes, like the smart phone was the next step in communication
Uses smart technologies to easily monitor green feature usage or adjust where relevant
Metrics available via the smart home’s app and website

Living green and smart
Ultimately building green and smart
Intentionally reducing monthly running costs
Indirectly conserving natural resources

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