You benefit from the best green features used in our homes

When it comes to green features used in South African homes, how many can you think of that are present? Some homes have one or two green features, a select few may even have up to three or four. But Viridior’s homes have multiple green features included in their homes. In fact, you can identify at least nine different eco-friendly features in our Pretoria based homes!


So what are some of these features? Most of us can name the basics: solar panels, rainwater harvesting and basic insulation. But GENUINE green homes have so much more. Let’s take a look at some of these more closely.

First of all, let’s discuss insulation. Insulation makes the world of difference in your home because it negates the need to continuously heat up or cool down each room. When we speak of insulation, we usually think of roof insulation. But you’ll be surprised to learn that Viridior’s homes implement FIVE different types of insulation.

The most significant of these is insulation of the wall. When it comes to wall insulation, South African residents enjoy major power saving benefits because temperatures remain constant throughout the entire home. Then there’s double glazed windows & glass doors; with glass that possesses double panes with an air trap cavity between them to stop air from escaping r coming in. South Africa can get super hot, or super cold throughout the year—making this a keen green feature. Pipes are also insulated, and so is the floor. Finally, the roof also stops air from escaping by making use of eco-friendly insulation means.

Of course we mustn’t forget the basic green features South Africans are familiar with. The best photovoltaic systems South Africa has to offer are used in Viridior’s homes. Rainwater harvesting methods are also implemented to ensure a reduction in your water bill. So when it comes to renewable energy, South Africa possesses the technology to implement them into your home. So why are our homes so sought after? Viridior homes already have all of these green features, making your investment a comprehensive one. 


Are you looking for a Midstream property for sale? If so, then why not go green? The luxury green homes developed by Viridior possess a number of environmentally-friendly, money-saving ‘green’ features which make them unique from other developments. But there are also additional high-end features which add to the convenience and luxury of owning one of these homes. We will briefly provide you with our green features as an overview, and then turn to these additional extras in more detail.

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Rainwater Harvesting

When looking for Midstream houses for sale, why not go for a home that uses rainwater for various home uses? Harvesting rainwater for everyday usage can reduce your water bill by up to 60%! But there is more to harvesting rainwater than simply collecting it in tanks. Complex water filtration and pumping systems must be connected to those tanks and implemented into the home in order for the home owner to benefit from this concept.


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With energy costs on the rise, many builders and home owners are turning to alternative methods of temperature control in the home. One method that has proven highly effective in this area is wall insulation. So when you see a house for sale from Viridior, you can be sure that every room has wall insulation already installed. Viridior makes use of Lambdaboard material which is built in-between external and separating walls (also known as wall cavity insulation). This maintains the temperature of each individual room, resulting in minimal heating and cooling costs.

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Hydronics Radiant Heating and Cooling

Electrically-powered temperature control will soon become a thing of the past. That’s because new technologies are being made accessible to home owners today—and hydronics is one such technology.  Through complex under-floor water pipe systems, your home can maintain a steady temperature without high running expenses being added to your utility bill. So when you come to visit One of Viridior's houses for sale in Midstream, you can be sure that every room within that house has temperature control for your convenience. 


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Low-energy hot water immediately on tap

Geysers often make up a large percentage of a home’s electricity bill. But green homes that have been developed by Viridior possess intelligent water heating and cooling systems. These water systems are energy efficient and run at a fraction of the costs of conventional systems.  


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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our modern way of life can often be detrimental to the environment. The everyday running of a household is no exception because of all the electricity needed to run appliances, heating, cooling and lighting. The green homes developed by Viridior are aimed at reducing these energy uses by a significant amount—thereby reducing the home owner’s carbon footprint on the environment. So much more than simply being Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior, our homes are kind to the environment while NEVER compromising on your comfort. 


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Return on investment

Some potential buyers may find the house prices of Viridior significantly higher than others on the market. However, what many don’t take into account is that there is a serious return on investment on these homes after a relatively short period. Add the fact that these Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior are so comfortable, and you will find that the value is higher than initially perceived.


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Low-energy Low-noise Generator for Power Outages

We all recognize that South Africa is experiencing a major power crisis at the moment. Many homes and businesses go without power for extended periods of time. As many already know, a lack of power can cripple the functionality of a home—especially at night. But you've made a great decision by being here. You've decided to search for a Midstream property for sale from Viridior. This means that any external power crisis won't affect you nearly as badly. Here's one way how.

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