Low Maintenance Consciousness

A home that is easy to maintain—or better yet, self-maintaining—is a joy beyond expression. This is what Viridior has aimed for in the homes you’ll see from us. Of all the Midstream upmarket houses for sale, the homes from Viridior aim to save you money EVERYWHERE. Let’s take a quick look at exactly how low maintenance is achieved, and how it benefits you as the potential home owner.


Aluminium & stainless steel components

Cleaning and repairing are usually high maintenance jobs. Your cleaning materials and time spent repairing are all elements of home maintenance that can cost you a lot of money and frustration. For this reason, Viridior has placed various aluminium & stainless steel components across our homes.

So why aluminium & stainless steel?

  • These metals are easy to clean
  • They don’t rust as easily as other metals do
  • Temperatures remain consistent in the sun or in the cold
  • They are warp resistant
  • Painting is not required very often
  • Degradation is minimal

You will find these metals all over our homes. Balustrades, window frames and other home finishes boast these two low maintenance metals; ensuring your convenience and cost saving potential.


The garden is low maintenance

Gardens are beautiful to look at, but most are difficult to keep up. Viridior has done a lot of research on low maintenance gardens and found that certain components ensure a lush garden without all the hard work and high costs. These elements include:


Your rainwater tanks will clean themselves

Some people may see the ownership of rainwater harvesting tanks as a lot of hard work. But the high-tech systems we’ve implemented are super low maintenance. These tanks have self-cleaning abilities, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything more than turning your tap on and off.


Roof tiles do not require painting

You will never need to paint your roof when living in one of our homes. The reason for this is because the roof tiles are naturally coloured. These tiles will not fade and require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. They are very durable against hail, wind & harsh weather, and will hardly ever need replacing.


Homes are predominantly face brick

Midstream has rules about the exterior of their in-complex homes. One such rule is that homes must have plastered walls as an accompaniment for facebrick (facebrick is our low maintenance preference). Viridior has designed its exterior homes to be mostly face brick, meaning way less maintenance for you.


Midstream has a quality public swimming pool

A pool is definitely high maintenance in terms of time and cost. Why bother with a swimming pool when there’s one within walking distance from your home? Midstream’s management takes great pains in providing you with a high quality public pool, meaning you don’t have to maintain one yourself.


All these features have been put in place with you in mind. Viridior's designers have designed their homes according to their own tastes and high standards.