Viridior can implement Backup Batteries in Home 3362

There are currently a number of Midstream properties for sale. But we want you to pay close attention to this one. Here's why. Although Home 3362 has a photovoltaic solar system as an optional extra, a storage room has been built to accommodate the batteries that would accompany it.

While the solar panel system is optional, if you do decide to take it, the batteries are an essential part of the entire system. Why? Because the energy generated by the solar panels MUST somehow be stored in order to provide you with a constant flow of power.

In Home 3362, the sun will run your home’s power while it is shining. But any excess power will be stored. This allows your home to continue running off the grid at night or during thick cloud cover.

As mentioned, a storeroom has been included in Home 3362 to house these batteries. This storeroom could be used for anything, but if the system is installed, the batteries will fit into this room perfectly—out of the way and out of sight.

This really adds to the luxury of this upmarket home for sale from Viridior. So consider opting for the photovoltaic system very carefully. If you decide to take it, rest assured that all the space you need is readily available for your batteries.