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Pioneering green home development in South Africa

More and more South Africans are starting to look for alternative means to run their homes. You may have already implemented rainwater harvesting, solar panels or a solar water heater into your home. But what if you could buy a home that’s already undergone complete green home construction? Homes like these do exist. There ARE authentic green homes in South Africa—and Viridior is at the forefront of developing them. 

The only green homes South Africa now has are homes that have been built by their owners; or those which have been gradually transformed with individual green features. But now for the first time in SA, fully developed green homes are being developed and sold the same way regular spec houses are. Because of Viridior’s green homes, Pretoria residents now have the option to go completely green when making a home purchase.

But why buy a green home? Aren’t they more expensive than regular homes? Your initial investment into a green home will be more than a regular home. However, after careful calculation, you will discover that the return on investment in such a home is so great that your home ends up paying for itself in the long run. Add to that the ROI you receive when you ultimately sell your home, and you’ve actually MADE money through this investment.

Fortunately for home seekers like you, there are more and more green homes for sale. Pretoria doesn’t have many as of yet, but the numbers are increasing as the demand for these homes increases. Viridior Homes is your team of green home developers in Pretoria. You’ll be happy to know that after completing our first completely eco friendly home, we’re amped to start on the next one! So if you’re looking for the most skilled green home contractors South Africa has to offer, contact Viridior today.